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Mrs. Arthur

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Mrs. Arthur is excited to join DBCS this year! She grew up in a Christian military family and learned early the importance of loving God, caring for family, and serving the community. Athletics have been a big part of her life as well, and she still enjoys playing basketball, field hockey, soccer, and really any team sport or outside adventure. She graduated in 2000 from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Marketing Management (minor in Communication & focusing on international business) and has continued to be a life time learner. She has two graduate degrees from Liberty University, one in Education School Counseling and the other a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Integrating New Testament and Crisis Counseling). Over the years, Mrs. Arthur has worked a variety of teaching, counseling, and coaching positions. She is the mother of 3 teenagers, and is passionate about working with students, encouraging each to grow and blossom into the unique, beautiful, and fruitful persons that God created each to be. Romans 12:1-2.