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frequently asked questions

We know you’ve problably got some questions. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just give us a call. 757.249.2654

Do you offer before & after school care?
Yes! Please check out our Extended Care.
What is your application process? Is there an interview? Is there testing?

1. A non-refundable registration fee is required with the completed application. All required documents are outlined on the application check-list. Applications will only be accepted if presented as a complete package. No document may be faxed or e-mailed to the school separately.

2. When your child's application is accepted, this reserves a space in the desired grade as your family goes through the application process. Acceptance of the application does not guarantee final acceptance into the desired grade.

3. Upon receipt of the completed application, entrance testing will be scheduled. Entrance testing may be required for grades K5 through 12. A $45 testing fee is due on or before the test date. Parents are required to remain on campus during the testing.

4. A parent/student interview with the respective principal/coordinator is part of the admissions process. The appointment for this interview may be made in the main office when the prospective student is brought in for testing. There is usually a five day turn-around between testing and interview, to allow time for test scoring. Families that have students applying to both Elementary and Middle/High School are required to interview with both principals/coordinators. Students are required to attend the interview.

5. When your interview is completed, the application then goes through a review process for consideration. This review process may take up to, but no longer than, two weeks. You will receive phone notification for acceptance or denial after this. All acceptances are provisional, pending receipt of all official records.

What is your birthday "cut-off" for accepting students in kindergarten?
DBCS adheres to an September 30, cut-off date. Students entering our 4-year-old kindergarten program must have turned four by September 30 of that school year. Likewise students entering our 5-year-old kindergarten program must have turned five by September 30 of that school year.
How much homework can I expect?
  • Total work time for the average student per night is approximately:
  • 1st grade - 10 minutes
  • 2nd grade - 20 minutes
  • 3rd grade - 30 minutes
  • 4th grade - 40 minutes
  • 5th grade - 50 minutes
What is your lunch menu? May I visit my child at lunch?
Please check out our Lunch Menu. Yes, you may visit your child at lunch. Parents making a special effort to eat lunch with their child and to experience their school world can be a special time. We request two things...prearrange the visit with your child's teacher and check in at the school office upon arrivial.
If there is a half day of school, what time is dismissal?
The elementary carpool line will begin at 11:35 on half days. Half Day K's schedule is as normal.
Does DBCS offer transportation?
DBCS does not offer transportation to and from school.
What is your dress code? Do your students wear uniforms?
No, our student body is not required to wear uniforms, but we do adhere to a dress code. Please check the Student Handbook.
Do you have sports for the elementary student?
Third through fifth graders participate in intramural soccer and intramural basketball sports under the direct supervision of the faculty Elementary P.E. teacher while being "coached" by selected high school students. Elementary students enjoy the interaction with their high school "coaches" and the high schoolers are afforded the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills.