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Purpose Statement

The purpose of DBCS (a mission outreach of Denbigh Baptist Church) is to assist the family in fulfilling their God-given responsibility for the training of their child. By providing an education marked by a Biblical world view, curricular and extra-curricular excellence, and affordability, students will be equipped to impact their world for the glory of God.

Vision Statement
The vision of DBCS is to develop students who will ENGAGE God's Truth, EXAMINE all things in light of God's Truth, and EMBRACE what is consistent with God's Truth.

our philosophy

We believe...
  • God's principles should be taught and integrated into the classroom.
  • Students should be taught to process information and think critically using God's Word as a guide.
  • Teachers should strive to instill high standards of moral character in their students.
  • The responsibility to educate the child rests in the hands of the parent…our job is to assist in the process.



"I love Art, P.E., and Computers."

"I like learning about God."

"I love my class and my teacher."

"I like playing on the playground."

"I love my teacher."

"I like the good Christian background."

"DBCS is 'awesomely' awesome."


Denbigh Baptist Christian School was organized in 1969 as a ministry of Denbigh Baptist Church. The Lord's blessing upon the school is evidenced by its growth from that 5-year-old kindergarten of 15 students in September 1970 to its current program that includes K4 through grade 12.

In 1990, DBCS became a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. In 1997, DBCS became an Accredited Member of ACSI, and is recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia as an accredited institution.

Many young people have gone from the school into various walks of life with the training to truly live a life holy and acceptable to God. It has been, and continues to be, the aim of our school ministry to see our students and their families trust Christ and serve Him.


In grades K-2, teachers help students build a solid academic foundation, learn to love Jesus, and learn to care for others. In grades 3-5, kids continue to grow in their academic skills and discipleship, and are expected to assume more responsibility for learning.